On the 9th of June 2021 the Ministry of Health Malaysia contacted Conservation Medicine regarding organizing COVID vaccines.

An expected delivery of COVID vaccines approved by the WHO from Thailand had been cancelled, jeopardising Malaysia’s vaccine roll out schedule.

Organizing COVID Vaccines with the US Embassy Malaysia

Conservation Medicine Director Tom Hughes reached out to several contacts with regards to organizing COVID vaccines, to fill this gap and continue the impressive Malaysia vaccination rate helping to reduce the Malaysia COVID restrictions.

Due to our ongoing work with international partners, Conservation Medicine has excellent relationships with a number of organisations involved in COVID vaccine development and supply.

After conversations with our contacts at the US Embassy Malaysia had taken place, the request for COVID-19 vaccines was immediately shared with the White House.

On June 10th Mr Hughes was then asked by the US Embassy Malaysia to facilitate an unofficial meeting with the US Embassy and The Ministry of Health Malaysia.

This discussion helped the US Embassy Malaysia determine what Malaysia needed and provided details that could be used to help prioritize Malaysia’s request for COVID vaccines, in advance of an official Malaysian government request.

“Conservation Medicine is fortunate to have the support of a range of international partners who we can reach out to for assistance with research and capacity building efforts. We were very glad that these important relationships allowed us to help out in this small way, to support our colleagues at the Ministry of Health Malaysia in their impressive efforts with dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinating Malaysians.”

Tom Hughes, Conservation Medicine Director

1 Million Pfizer Vaccines for Malaysia

On the 15th of June it was confirmed that there would be 1 million Pfizer vaccines donated to Malaysia by the US government. These were delivered on July 5th providing protection for half a million Malaysians from COVID-19.

Conservation Medicine is proud to be able to help support the impressive Malaysia vaccination rate and help our colleagues at the Ministry of Health Malaysia maintain their schedule to supply WHO approved COVID vaccines to protect Malaysian citizens from the ongoing pandemic.

Organizing COVID vaccines

1 Million Pfizer vaccine doses arrive from the US, to help with Malaysia’s COVID-19 Response