In the sixth episode of the From the Moon podcast, Tom (interviewed for the podcast in November 2020) discusses how land-use change and mankind’s continued encroachment into nature is responsible for virus spillover events that can cause human healthcare emergencies – such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

He also describes how he and his colleagues have been warning of such events for decades, and if we don’t change our ways future spillover events could have even more catastrophic consequences for human kind.

Listen to Tom’s excerpt below, or listen to the full podcast here.

Triennale Milano has been working on a series of in-depth analyses of its programmes in podcast form. From the Moon is part of this project and will accompany the audience towards the opening of their 23rd International Exhibition.

The series, which will be in English, consists of seven episodes (one released every two weeks), in which leading names from the world of culture and science will discuss some of the key issues facing the world today.

The sixth episode released on August 5th features Conservation Medicine Director Tom Hughes discussing “a utopic dystopia, we imagine a world where mankind is extinct, how nature might recover and thrive, and what the legacy of the human race might be”.

From the Moon will take listeners on a journey through time, space and knowledge. The podcast tries and unpacks the state of the planet via different, distinct topics that interweave and complement the theme of the 23rd International Exhibition.